My Canadian Pharmacy Greene: Best Discount Online Drugstore

My Canadian Pharmacy Greene is a new convenient and fast service for ordering pharmaceutical products. This is the largest pharmacy in the country that helps to find the necessary medicines at the best price and to get medications delivered in a short time.

My Canadian Pharmacy Greene

Advantages of our pharmacy

  • Favorable prices;
  • Full range and availability of goods for health, beauty and healthy lifestyle;
  • Guarantee of authenticity and quality;
  • Detailed descriptions, instructions for use, indications and contraindications;
  • Online consultation with experienced pharmacists;
  • Alternative offers of goods with the same active ingredient or analogs;
  • The possibility of ordering rare and expensive drugs;
  • Saving your time.

Our mission

We strive to help people improve their quality of life, combining in our work a wide experience and the most advanced pharmaceutical technologies.

For more than 20 years, our medical arts pharmacy has been performing socially significant tasks:

  • it makes available high-quality and modern medicines, products for health and beauty;
  • provides high-quality service, making the purchase as convenient as possible for customers;
  • provides high-quality advice, attracting the best pharmacy specialists.

Our values

  • Leadership – we contribute to the leadership of the company;
  • Effectiveness – we achieve our goals even under the pressure of circumstances and other people; we are responsible for the realization of the goals;
  • Customer focus – we reveal, understand, form, satisfy the true needs of customers in order to increase efficiency and interaction;
  • Cooperation – we work together for a common result. We do not conduct political games, rely on facts, speak openly and honestly, trust each other, respect others and succeed together, maximize the benefits of individual solutions, the exchange of knowledge, training and reach agreement;
  • Focus on development – we are always looking for and implementing new, effective solutions and do not stop there;
  • Benevolence – we have polite and caring attitude towards patients, colleagues and
  • Confidentiality – we respect medical and commercial secrets and protect;
    personal data;
  • Responsibility – we do our best to perform our duties and realize that the result obtained as a result of personal action or inaction is a consequence of this action or inaction.

Quality medicines online

Cooperating with various manufacturers, Greene pharmacy sells only those drugs and medical products that have undergone strict quality control. Quality assurance of our products is carried out according to the state quality control of medicines.

We are distributors of those companies that have established themselves in the international pharmaceutical market and are in demand worldwide. Therefore, by ordering medicinal products in our online company, you are insured against the purchase of counterfeit.

All medicines are supplied with a quality certificate and are registered. The company constantly monitors its products through the State Service for compliance with the requirements regarding the quality of medicines. Thus, we guarantee the reliability of the authenticity of drugs purchased in our medical art pharmacy.

Product range

Our online pharmacy offers a wide range of pharmaceutical products for almost every health condition. Our drug categories include but not limited to Allergy, Anti Viral, AntiDepressants, Antibiotics, Arthritis, Asthma, Birth Control, Blood Pressure, Cancer, Diabetes, Diuretics, Erectile Dysfunction, Eye Drop, Gastro Health, Hair Loss, Herbals, HIV, Hormones, Mental Illness, Muscle Relaxant, Pain Relief, Quit Smoking, Skin Care, Sleeping Aids. Now you no longer need to travel around the city searching for the meds from your list.

Worldwide delivery of drugs

We carry out express delivery around the globe, which enables residents of almost any country to receive the ordered medicinal products. Since the company sells a large number of pharmacy goods, we have designed the warehouse and equipped it with all the necessary equipment for storing certain types of goods, in accordance with the applicable construction standards for pharmaceutical warehouses.

Buy generics and save a lot!

If you decide to buy a generic medication rather than its original prototype, you will do the right thing! The original medicine is a drug that was discovered first and was the first to enter the market. A generic is a drug with the same active ingredient but it was created using an already open formula. Generics are non-patented but have the same efficiency. For example, there are original and generic pills for erectile dysfunction. For example, Viagra is an original branded product, while Silagra, Eriacta, Viagra Professional, Viagra Super Active are generic drugs that by the way even produce better results! Low cost is the final important difference between generics and brand products. Due to the absence of costs for marketing, advertising campaigns and laboratory research, you have the opportunity to purchase generics at much lower prices.

Quality guarantee

Greene Medical Arts Pharmacy provides quality care for every person. Every day we improve our service and try to be useful for each client, offering only high-quality and safe preparations.

We care for the health of our customers, therefore:

We source medicines from companies that have all the necessary licenses for the production and distribution of medicines.

We guarantee the quality of all the drugs presented on this website because:

Our pharmacies comply with all conditions of acceptance and storage of products to maintain its proper quality. The service is carried out by qualified employees with a pharmaceutical education who meet all the requirements and undergo advanced training at state higher educational institutions.

We appreciate the recognition of our work by colleagues and experts of the global pharmaceutical market:

Over the years, we have received several prizes of the highest pharmaceutical award in the nominations:

  • The best online pharmacy 2009
  • The best pharmacy 2013
  • The best business project 2006
  • The best business project 2018

Customer Reviews

Joe Burgess: “Placed my first order on this website about a year ago. Before ordering, I looked for reviews on the Internet, doubted at first, but all my doubts were dispelled as soon as I received the first parcel. Medicines are effective and with good shelf lives, and the prices are at least 25-30% lower than in any other pharmacy in the city. The range in My Canadian Pharmacy Greene is much wider than in a regular drugstore. Very satisfied with the service!”

Stephanie Knapp: “Very convenient website and ordering process in general. It is really cheaper when you buy a lot of drugs, for example, when you make up a home first aid kit. I recommend you trying this pharmacy. I hope you will be satisfied just like me!”

Rebecca Andino: “Greene pharmacy is my faithful assistant. I got acquainted with this site when I was looking for reviews about some kind of medicinal preparation. The prices here are lower than in the ordinary pharmacy, plus there are promotions for expensive drugs and you can buy them even cheaper. Yes, if some medications are needed urgently, then you will not wait for the sake of saving 2-3 days. But there are people who need any preparations for daily intake and then this site is a real opportunity for savings. For example, I order medicines every month for my grandmother and each pack of pills comes out much cheaper, the savings are always decent!”

Jerry Jones: “Great site. Convenient to use. Good assortment. Prices for many products are cheaper than in a regular pharmacy. I really like this online store! You can read the drug description, see alternatives. Never had delivery problems.”

Mike Balderas: “There are several pharmacies in my city but sometimes it is not possible to buy rare and expensive medicines, they even refuse to order these products for me. Recently, I’ve needed some medication for men’s health but after going through all the pharmacies, it turned out it was impossible to find it. Fortunately, I followed the advice of my friends and went to the website of this pharmacy. Placed an order online and the product was delivered in 3 days! Well done! Thank you!”

Joshua Grimaldo: “I’ve been using this site for 3 years. Very convenient. They have a large selection of medicines, prices are lower than in other stores in the city. Orders can be tracked and are usually delivered within 3 days. You can check the contents immediately but I haven’t been doing this for a long time – no need. There are good discounts. I am completely satisfied with the work of the pharmacy!”