Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease of the respiratory tract, the prevalence of which throughout the world has greatly increased in recent years. In this condition, there are periods of difficulty breathing due to narrowing of the lower respiratory tract. The narrowing of the airway is partial or complete. Many people do not really know that they have asthma, and therefore they do not receive proper treatment. At the same time, most patients can achieve complete control of the disease with the help of treatment and thus preserve the quality of life.

Asthma_ We know how to control it!

Symptoms of the disease

The main symptoms of asthma are choking feeling, lack of air (which can occur at night), wheezing (especially in a deep breath), a cough that occurs more often during the night and/or in the early morning, chest tension or tightness.

Symptoms of asthma can manifest in a milder or more severe form and last from several hours to several days if you do not diagnose asthma and do not treat the symptoms. An asthma attack is a condition where all of the symptoms of asthma develop very quickly. The symptoms (especially for the first time) can cause a feeling of fear, uncertainty, helplessness. There may be several reasons for starting an asthma attack: excessive exercise, various environmental factors, stress, or contact with allergens.

Risk factors

Asthma most often occurs in women. The following factors affect asthma:

  • genetic predisposition – if your parents suffer from asthma, allergic rhinitis or atopic dermatitis, you will most likely suffer from these deisases too.
    infections of the respiratory tract, transferred in early childhood;
  • contact with allergens in the environment, as well as chemicals used at home and at work;
  • smoking and overweight.

Drug treatment of asthma

The goal of pharmacologic treatment of asthma is not only to alleviate the symptoms but also to achieve the necessary control over asthma with the least possible side effects.

The most effective means for extreme relief are asthma inhalers. Today they provide an opportunity to deal with the attacks and control the functionality of the lungs.

The main advantage of drugs in this category is the fastest possible delivery to the respiratory system. To date, there is a huge number of inhalers available at medical arts pharmacy with the different pharmacological principle of action, effectiveness, and severity of side effects.

Types of devices for inhalation

Depending on the way the medication is delivered, asthma inhalers are classified into:

  • Spacers. These are asthma inhalers with special plastic or metal valves that supply medicine only when you inhale, which ensures an economical consumption of the drug. Spacers are indispensable in the treatment of young children, as they guarantee the penetration of the active substance into the lungs directly during an attack. The only drawback is a large size, due to which the device is inconvenient to take with you;
  • Nebulizers. These are devices that spray the drug in microscopic dosages, due to which it penetrates even into the most distant areas of the bronchi. This effect significantly increases the effectiveness of therapy, which is especially important for patients with severe form. Nebulizers have a compressor or ultrasonic principle of operation. But they are quite big;
  • Inhalers with dispensers. These devices have the form of cartridges in which the liquid medicine is under pressure. They are distinguished by high reliability and low cost, but there are also shortcomings: the ingress of the active substance only when inhaling, therefore the patient needs to get used to the procedure. Children should not use it. In addition, part of the drug is deposited in the oral cavity and enters the gastrointestinal tract, causing discomfort;
  • Adapters are special devices that complement asthma inhalers. Their advantage is the absence of the need to regulate drugs through inhalation and exhalation. Their disadvantage is a large size.
  • Auto-inhalators. They are considered the most convenient devices with an automated supply of drugs.

Asthma meds at Greene Medical Arts Pharmacy

Ask our pharmacist for asthma medication that is most suitable for your health conditions. My Canadian Pharmacy Greene can dispense asthma meds such as:

  • Combimist L Inhaler
  • Ventolin Pills
  • Ventolin Inhaler
  • Proventil
  • Rhinocort
  • Theo-24 CR
  • Singulair
  • Theo-24 SR
  • Advair Discus
  • Uniphyl CR

The choice of the device must be made with the help of a doctor who gives you a prescription for effective therapy. You can also get a Greene pharmacy expert advice online, which will help you choose the best inhaler for your condition.