Online Consultation

The online consultation service is one of the most important advantages of My Canadian Pharmacy Greene. Sometimes it is very difficult to select the medication that is right for you. Accordingly, buying such drugs without professional advice from a specialist, you risk paying a substantial sum of money without a guarantee of achieving the desired result of treatment.

During the online consultation, you will receive detailed information about drugs and dosages that will be most effective in your case.

Our pharmacists will definitely pay special attention to the stage of the existing disease. This will determine the choice of drug and treatment regimen, as well as the dosage of drugs.

During consultation offered by Greene pharmacy, you can get answers to any questions concerning the diagnosis and treatment of your disease. The consultation will be conducted by top-class specialists.

During treatment, a patient has a lot of questions, and it is impossible to see a doctor every time you need answers.

Advantages of online consultation with our specialists:

  • You will receive an independent opinion on the choice of drugs;
  • Any consultation will be conducted with a guarantee of complete anonymity;
  • The pharmacist can provide recommendations for the treatment of a specific disease;
  • You will receive objective information about the effectiveness of a drug in the treatment of your particular pathology;
  • All information will be provided to you without the need for a personal visit to a specialist, and this, in turn, will allow you to significantly save time and money.

Compounding Service

Personalized pharmacy (compounding) has long played a significant role in shaping the medical field. Its essence lies in the development and creation of individual schemes and treatments that are characterized by high efficiency, minimal side effects and an affordable price. “Personal medicines” are created according to the prescriptions of a doctor.

The individual approach has a number of advantages, one of which is the real accessibility of necessary medicines for patients.

Compounding is a kind of social program that provides patients with the opportunity to receive quality and affordable help. After all, the goal of compounding is to provide the patient with high-quality personalized treatment with a very affordable price offer.

At the moment, My Canadian Pharmacy Greene does not provide compounding service to patients. Our ultimate goal is to offer this service in the nearest future so that any patient can get ready-made solutions from medical arts pharmacy when there is a need for personalized dosage forms.